Thousands Of People Die Everyday Without Life Insurance & Leave Their Family With Financial & Emotional Stress. I Help Families Be Proactive With Life Insurance So They'll Be Able To Bounce-Back Financially & Emotionally After Loosing A Loved One!

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Alton Williams
Bounce Back Year LLC

Co-founder of Hip 2 Health Sea Moss & Life Insurance Broker/CEO Of Bounce Back Year LLC!

I know what it’s like to have big dreams and not be able to achieve them. I moved from the Caribbean to Florida a few years ago and had big goals, but it was just a dream for the first few months. Within 90 days of moving to America, I was in downtown Orlando, Florida, asking a random stranger for $1 on the street when I went broke with a wife & son to take care of. This left us no choice but to move in with my in-laws. I was flat-out ashamed of myself, as I’m supposed to be a man who provides & takes care of his family.

That experience made me cry out of desperation, BUT it forced me into a corner that made me look in the mirror to make a change in my life, which is what I did.

I learned all I could think about life insurance, money & entrepreneurship from the rich & famous. Within a few months, I applied the knowledge and became a life insurance broker & entrepreneur who helped change the lives of thousands of customers & clients with our businesses, Hip 2 Health Sea Moss & Bounce Back Year LLC, my insurance agency. As a result, I was featured on FOX, CBS & NBC; that’s my story.

8000 people die every day in America & a high percentage of those that die procrastinated & didn’t have life insurance, which left their surviving family/children who depended on their income, victims of losing their home, being broke & depression; most of the remaining families are left to resort to a GoFundMe or a fish fry to raise money to bury their loved ones and pay bills. I don’t know you yet, but I’m sure you don’t want yourself, your children, or your spouse to go through that mess.
That’s where I come in; my insurance agency, Bounce Back Year LLC,  has partnered with the top “A” rated insurance carriers in America to help you leave a legacy for your children’s children, not DEBT, DEPRESSION & HOMELESSNESS.  As a life insurance broker, I help you & your family prepare themselves to bounce back emotionally & financially after the passing of a loved one with life insurance; as a bonus, you’ll also be building generational wealth for your children’s children, WIN-WIN for everyone.


Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense insurance will cover you for life. Prices are locked and will never increase nor will your policy end. These types of policies are designed to make sure all funeral and other end of life expenses are covered.

Whole Life Insurance

This is a type of permanent policy that allows the insured to accumulate cash value in addition to their death benefit. It can be setup to help supplement your retirement plan.

Term Life Insurance

This is one of the most popular policies as it provides the most coverage for the most affordable prices. This can help you protect your home & so much more in the event of your death so your family can live on and thrive financially. 

Children's Whole Life Insurance

become a generational wealth builder by setting up your children to build wealth from a young age with prices as low as $19.04/monthly.


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