7 Popular Entrepreneur Struggles & How To Overcome Them

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you dream of making your business a success. But no matter how hard you work or what strategies you implement, there will always be challenges that come with running a small business. From finding funding to managing their finances and delegating tasks to others, entrepreneurs can overcome these struggles if they set clear goals and work hard. Here are seven common entrepreneur struggles — plus tips on how to overcome them:

1. Entrepreneurs can overcome these struggles if they set clear goals and work hard.

Setting clear, well-defined goals is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there? Goals act as a compass that helps keep your business on track and moving forward in the right direction. They also give you something to strive for in terms of sales growth, revenue generation, and profit margin improvement.

It may seem obvious that setting goals are beneficial for your business—but not everyone does it! According to recent research, only 27% of small businesses have quantifiable written goals for their companies every year; this is despite 92% believing that written goals significantly increase their chances for success.

2. Finding the money to fund & grow your business

When you’re building a business from the ground up, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never have enough money. The truth is, there are many options for funding your idea and growing it into something even bigger. You just need to know where to look!

One option is building strong personal credit so that lenders will trust you with their money. Business credit cards offer additional perks like frequent flyer miles and special deals on hotels and vacations. Entrepreneurial grants are also available, they provide start-up funds for needy entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses but don’t have access to traditional sources of capital. Angel investors can be found through word-of-mouth or online forums; these are experienced professionals who lend money in exchange for equity in your company (if things go well). Finally, family members can be an excellent source of seed funding—just make sure they understand what kind of risk they’re taking before asking them!

3. Delegating tasks when you’re used to doing it all yourself

While self-management is a key trait of successful entrepreneurs, there are times when you need to delegate tasks.

Delegating tasks means assigning work to someone else so that you can focus on other priorities, like improving your strategy or generating new leads.

If you’re a first time entrepreneur, it’s especially important to learn how and when to delegate tasks because doing everything yourself is inefficient and overwhelming.

Here are some tips that will help you learn how to effectively delegate:

  • Make sure the person has the skillset needed for the job by asking questions about previous experiences and skillsets before assigning them any responsibilities. For example: If they have no experience with Excel spreadsheets but have worked in customer service roles before then perhaps they’d be better off taking on customer service related projects rather than accounting ones; this way both parties win out — there’s less stress because each party knows what their role is supposed be doing while also being able to focus on what they’re best at doing!

  • Create checklists so employees don’t forget steps along the way (like sending emails). This way everyone knows exactly what needs done next without having too many meetings where nothing gets accomplished because everyone’s waiting around for someone else

4. Making a profit and managing your finances

The first step to overcoming this challenge is to create a cash flow budget. This will help you understand how much money you need to make each month in order to pay your expenses and earn a profit. Once you know what your numbers look like, then it’s time to take action. You’ll have three options:

  • You can increase the number of sales

  • You can lower your expenses

  • Or, if neither of those options works for you, then consider cutting back on production or reducing the number of people working for your business

5. Finding the balance between work and life

Whether you’re a solopreneur or work for a large company, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of your startup and forget about your health. The truth is: if you don’t take care of yourself, it will be difficult to continue working at a high level. Here are some tips on how to find balance between work and life:

  • Take breaks – It’s important to have time where you aren’t thinking about work so that your brain can relax. And make no mistake—the best way to do this is not just by checking out of everything completely; instead, take regular breaks throughout the day that allow you to come back refreshed and ready for action.

  • Have a life outside of work – This doesn’t mean that all day every day should be spent with friends or family—in fact, sometimes doing so might be counterproductive because it means constant interruptions from both people trying to contact them (whether through phone calls/texts/emails) as well as their own inner voice telling them “You need more time!” which could lead into further stress overload if not addressed properly by following tip number 1 above.



6. Dealing with stress & uncertainty

Stress is a normal part of life. It’s how you deal with stress that makes all the difference. Stress can be good or bad, depending on how you manage it and how much control you have over your situation. When we’re able to manage our stress levels well, it helps us perform better in our jobs and relationships (and also helps us live longer).

While it’s important to know yourself and your limits when dealing with stressful situations, it’s equally important to remember that taking care of yourself is just as important as getting things done. Don’t forget about sleep, exercise, eating right—they all play an important role in managing your stress levels!

If there’s one thing this world needs more than anything else right now (and I mean besides peace), it’s support networks—especially if those networks are made up entirely of people who understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there too at some point in their lives too.”

7. There are ways for entrepreneurs to overcome their struggles, and utilizing whole life insurance is one of them!

When it comes to the obstacles of entrepreneurship, there are ways for small business owners and entrepreneurs to overcome their struggles, and utilizing whole life insurance is one of them.

Life insurance can be a good way to build generational wealth and protect your business assets. Life insurance can help you avoid financial stress and uncertainty as well as provide peace of mind in case something happens unexpectedly. Schedule a call with me today so we can help you build generational wealth by clicking the image below.


The struggles of entrepreneurship are real, but they don’t have to stop you from pursuing your dream. By setting clear goals and working hard, entrepreneurs can overcome these challenges and build a successful business that will last generations.

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