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It’s no secret that professional basketball has produced many millionaires. But did you know that some of the wealthiest NBA players are retired? It’s true! Former NBA stars like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal have all made millions from their sports careers. Here is a look at one such player, Grant Hill, with a net worth of $250 million dollars.

dream big - work hard


1. Grant Hill worked hard.

For Grant Hill to amass a net worth of 250 million dollars, hard work could not be absent. It would be best if you worked hard. If you want to become successful, you must work hard. To make your dreams come true, you must work hard. If you want to be the best version of yourself, then you better get to work by golly!

It’s no secret that success is complex and is only achieved after some time. It takes years of perseverance and dedication to master any skill worth getting (and there are many worth mastering!) You’ll have days where it feels like nothing is going right—or at least nothing seems fitting—but if you keep moving forward with your goals in mind (and I recommend writing them down), eventually, those bad days will turn into good ones as well as good habits that lead towards success!

2. Create and pursue your opportunities.

It’s one thing to have opportunities come your way, but it’s another to create and pursue your own. You can’t wait around for others to give you a chance. Instead, take the initiative and figure out how to make your opportunities happen; for Grant Hill, it was basketball. Don’t let others define what is or isn’t an opportunity for you; define it yourself based on what makes sense for where you want to go with your career and life.



3. Have both short-term and long-term goals.

You want to accomplish short-term goals in the next week, month or year. These goals should be smaller than your long-term ones so they’re easier to achieve and help boost your motivation. Examples of short-term goals include:

  • Earning $1000 by next week (this will help you feel accomplished)
  • I am setting aside 3 hours each weekend to learn a new skill to start a business.

Long-term goals are much larger than short-term ones, but they can still be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Examples of long-term goals include:

  • Getting a life insurance policy that builds cash value so that you will have enough money in three years to make a down payment on a house in San Francisco (this will save you from having to worry about buying property when you’re older), building a net worth like Grant Hill should start with a life insurance policy.

4. Take time for yourself and your family.

Taking the time to recharge is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

When it comes down to it, no matter how much success you have in your career or the money you make, nothing will be more rewarding than spending time with your family.

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5. Hold yourself accountable, so no one else has to.

One of the most important things you can do is hold yourself accountable. You are always responsible for your success and failure, regardless of the circumstances around you. If you want to be successful, it’s up to YOU to make it happen!

Grant Hill’s net worth of 250 million dollars was not built on blaming others. It’s tempting to think that someone else will hold us accountable for our actions, but if we wait around for someone else (or something else) to motivate us, then we’ll never take any real action! Start taking responsibility for your actions today.

6. Make connections early, and keep them.

  • Make connections early, and keep them. When starting your career, connecting with people who can help you is essential. It’s even better if they are in positions of authority or influence. You must spend time with them so they can get to know you and see what kind of person you are. If a connection is good enough for the long term (like a mentor relationship), then make sure that they know about all the great things happening in your life: new job opportunities, promotions at work, or anything else that could be relevant to your interests.
  • Don’t burn bridges with people who can help you—and don’t be afraid to ask for help! As mentioned above, building relationships requires spending time together—but sometimes this means committing yourself beyond just hanging out and working side by side now and then; sometimes, this means asking someone out on an actual date (or two). However uncomfortable asking might feel right now, remember, The more comfortable we become around others—especially those whose opinions matter most—the easier it will be later on when trying something new comes around again!

pursue financial freedom


7. pursue financial freedom.

Hill believes that financial freedom is essential to a person’s happiness and that people can achieve this through entrepreneurship, where HE has multiple businesses & life insurance. With the help of his financial advisor, Grant Hill set up a life insurance policy to ensure that his family would be cared for should anything happen to him. This was not only an emotionally satisfying choice but also a financially responsible one; this way, he could focus on growing his businesses without worrying about leaving behind any debts or dependents. You can build generational wealth & protect your family just like Grant Hill, go ahead and click the image below to schedule your FREE life insurance consultation today.

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8. Keep balance in everything you do.

In the end, balance is essential in all aspects of life. It allows you to be more productive, enjoys life, and keep you from burning out. To achieve balance, there are a few things that Hill has learned over time:

  • Could you make sure that you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly?
  • Don’t put all your energy into one thing; use your free time wisely by resting or relaxing with friends and family.

Don’t let other people’s expectations get in the way of your happiness. If you want to do something, then go for it! Don’t be afraid of failure; it only means that you failed at one thing, not every single thing you will ever do.

9. Plan for all kinds of success, not just financial success.

It’s not just about money.

Success is a topic that comes up often, and most people think of success as being primarily financial. This is a mistake. While money may be an essential part of your life, it’s not the only way you measure success or failure. There are other kinds of success that you should take into account as well: mental, spiritual & physical success is all important as well. It’s important to remember this when planning out your approach to achieving success—don’t just focus on making more money or climbing the ladder at work; also consider how achieving those goals would make you feel about yourself as well and ask yourself how you could you make an impact on the world!


Remember that success doesn’t have to be measured in dollars and cents. It can also be estimated in relationships and your impact on others’ lives. And even when it comes to money, there are so many different ways to be successful: You can earn a lot of it and give it away, or make a little but save as much as possible. What’s important is finding what works for you and doing it consistently, so those efforts will eventually add up over time into something great!

Which one of Grant Hill’s top 9 success habits will you start first & why? Let me know in the comments below.

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I moved from the Caribbean to Florida a few years ago and had big goals, but it was just a dream for the first few months. Within 90 days of moving to America, I was in downtown Orlando, Florida, begging for $1 on the street when I went broke with a wife & son to take care of. I was forced to give up my apartment and sleep on my family members’ floor for months. I was flat-out ashamed of myself, as I’m supposed to be a man who provides & takes care of his family.

That experience made me cry out of desperation, BUT it forced me into a corner that made me look in the mirror to make a change in my life, which is what I did. I learned all I could think about life insurance, money & entrepreneurship. Within a few months, I applied the knowledge and became a life insurance broker, entrepreneur & blogger who helped change the lives of thousands of clients in America; as an r result, I was featured on FOX, CBS & NBC.

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