How A Broke Sanitation Worker Used Life Insurance To Open Multiple Restaurants

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How A Broke Sanitation Worker Used Life Insurance Open Multiple Restaurants

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when James was struggling.

He’d grown up in a poor neighborhood after moving to America from Jamaica with parents who never finished high school. They didn’t have much money, and they weren’t able to afford college for their kids. So when he graduated from high school and looked for a job, all he could find was working as a sanitation worker.

But even though the job was grueling, he loved it. He felt like he was doing something important—ensuring people got rid of their trash responsibly. He was consistently cleaning his truck to ensure it was professional-looking, and he took pride in the fact that people knew him by name around town.

It wasn’t until several years later that James had an idea: what if he used his cash value life insurance policy that he started a few years ago to withdraw money and start a business? He began by researching companies in other cities and around the country; then he met with an accountant who showed him how to set up everything properly; finally, after months of hard work (and some sleepless nights), he withdrew the money from his life insurance policy and started a local Jamaican restaurant that has since expanded across two states and employs over 100 people full-time.

Just imagine what your life insurance policy can do for you.


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I hope this short inspirational story of how a broke sanitation worker used life insurance to open multiple restaurants inspired you to use your life insurance to build generational wealth & start your own business & more. What stood out to you the most in this inspirational story & why? 

Note: These short inspirational stories are drawn from my personal experience of success & failure & those of others to showcase the possibilities & power of life insurance.




I moved from the Caribbean to Florida a few years ago and had big goals, but it was just a dream for the first few months. Within 90 days of moving to America, I was in downtown Orlando, Florida, begging for $1 on the street when I went broke with a wife & son to take care of. I was forced to give up my apartment and sleep on my family members’ floor for months. I was flat-out ashamed of myself, as I’m supposed to be a man who provides & takes care of his family.

That experience made me cry out of desperation, BUT it forced me into a corner that made me look in the mirror to make a change in my life, which is what I did. I learned all I could think about life insurance, money & entrepreneurship. Within a few months, I applied the knowledge and became a life insurance broker, entrepreneur & blogger who helped change the lives of thousands of clients in America; as an r result, I was featured on FOX, CBS & NBC.

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